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Novak Djokovic, 17-year-old tennis player: You really got 54 questions for me? (2005)

The king of tennis? At this moment it's Federer, although I prefer Safin, because probably he's the only one who could dethrone him. Anyway, for me personally, the king of tennis will always be Pete Sampras

We really don't have to worry about the future of tennis in this area. Ana Ivanović and Jelena Janković are already high in the world tennis charts, and now we have up-and-coming 17-year-old Novak Djoković, currently ranked  #170 on the ATP list, but experts say he'll be moving up the list - at least 100 spots by the end of this year. Marat Safin, who played against Novak in Australia lately, shares their opinion... 

Rest assured that Novak Djoković, full of confidence, wasn't confused with any of these questions from "Huper's Magic Box".

1. What is your favourite tennis memory so far?

- There are lots of them, but I'd like to mention the newest one, from Australia, when I played in front of a crowd of 15, 000 on the centre court in the Australia Open.

2. If you were stranded on a desert island, which one person would you bring with you?

- None of the trashy female singers we have around here. 

3. Would you rather drive in a submarine or in a spacehip?

- Spaceship.

4. When you think of tennis, you think of...

- Training.

5. When you talk to someone - what do you notice first?

- Eyes and their behaviour.

6. If you were an alien - what would you look like?

- I'd have a big head and body like a robot. 

7. Are you pleased with your name?

- Yes, it was my father's choice and there are not many people who carry that name. I'm proud of my name - Starina Novak was a national hero.

Starina Novak (photo: Wiki)

8. Tell us something we don't know about you...

- I'm an excellent skier.

9. I can't live without...

- My family and my friends.

10. What would you do if you were invisible?

- All the things I can't do when "visible".

11. What color is wednesday?

- Red, that's my favorite color.

12. You don't leave your home without... 

- Without my cell phone, wallet, and soon, hopefully, not without my car keys, cause in just a few months I'll be 18, so I can apply for a driver's licence.

13. Which one's better - Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?

- Not a big fan of either, but let's say - Britney.

14. Music that makes you turn up the volume... and the opposite?

- Turn up - "foreign" music, turn down - "domestic" music.

15. Describe yourself in 5 words...

- Sociable, honest, persistent, hardworking and lucky.

16. Do you have your "lucky" sneakers?

- No, but on tournaments I have my lucky t-shirts.

17. Draw us your self portrait!

- My entry for the drawing of the year:

Drawing by: 17-year-old Novak Djoković

18. If you could rule the world for one day, what would you do?

- I would forbid the cigarettes. Although I know that would not keep me in power for too long. I'd be gone in three hours.

19. A good tennis player must have...  

- The most important thing: desire to work hard and win.

20. In which city would you like to live?

- In Melbourne.

21. Sport heroes...

- Pete Sampras and Michael Jordan.

22. You wish to play against... 

- The first one on my wishlist is Pete Sampras, but sadly he's retired, so the next one is currently Number One player - Federer.

23. Why do spider have eight legs? 

- Didn't train enough.

24. If you were not a tennis player, you would be...

- Sportsman, that's for sure. Skier or basketball player.

25. Who'd play you in a movie?

- Keanu Reeves.

26. What have you been singing lately?

- "Žena bez imena" ("The Nameless Woman") by Vlado Georgiev. Before that: 50 Cent "In Da Club".

27. If you could be any animal - what would you be?

- I'd be the lion, the king of all animals. I'd enjoy my life.

28. In which video would you like to appear?

- In some Eminem's video. He's got the best stories...

29. When did you know you were gonna be a tennis player?

- When I was four.

30. What color would be grass if not green?

- Red.

31. What is your favourite childhood toy?

- A plush dog toy which I got when I was four.

32. Favorite fruit and vegetable?

- Orange and lettuce.

33. What were you dreaming last night?

- I was with a girl, stranded on a desert island.

34. You would like to hang out with: Kournikova, or Dementieva, or Sharapova?

- With Sharapova. She's my age and I think it could be fun. Outside the tennis world, my choice would be - Halle Berry.

35. Who were you in your past life?

- Some flower or an animal.

36. Sweets you can't resist...

- "Nutella".

37. What were you like when you were 12-years-old?

- Pretty tall for my age, skinny and getting serious with my tennis.

38. Where do you see yourself in ten years (2015)?

- On a yacht, somewhere in the Côte d'Azur, in good company, with my friends and my two brothers.

39. What superpower would you like to have?

- To be invisible, to be able to stop time and move things with one look!

40. Which movie have you watched more than five times?

41. Why are tennis balls yellow?

- So that they could differ from the basket balls.

42. What would your name be if you were a girl?

- Maria.

43. One person you'd like to trade place with - even for five minutes?

- With some huge pop star. Enrique Iglesias, for example - but not because of Kournikova.

44. Whose phone number you'd like to know...

- Halle Berry.

45. If you could lay hands on Aladdin's lamp - what would you wish for?

- To be able to live with my family on some exotic tropical island.

46. If you could do something and not get punished for that - what would you do?

- I'd hit judge with ball and throw him out of the chair.

47. Do you read your horoscope?

- When I can.

48. What's your question for Huper's magic box?

- Are you able to fulfil wishes?

49. How many racquets do you need for tournament?

- Five.

50. What was the first concert you attended?

- Zdravko Čolić concert.

51. Would you rather try ski jumping or bungee?

- Well, of course - ski jumping.

52. Why don't cats and dogs get along?

- Because cats chase mice and dogs don't like that.

53. What is your favorite time of the day?

- Two o'clock in the afternoon.

54. Who is the king of tennis?

- At this moment it's Federer, although I prefer Safin, because probably he's the only one who could dethrone him. Anyway, for me personally, the king of tennis will always be Pete Sampras.

Journalist: Ivana Pataković, photo: Branislav Nacić, translation and adaptation: Yugopapir (Huper, March 2005)

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